write a commercial to convince classmates to read your book

1. write a commercial to convince classmates to read your book

The book “The one and only bob” by Katherine Appelgate is worth reading. The book tells the story of the lovable and roguish mutt Bob. The key themes in this story are humans’ complex relationship with the animal world, unlikely heroism, and healing and forgiveness. These themes tend to correspond closely with our lives as human beings. Reading the story makes one appreciate the general environment and the organisms within. The distinction between humans and animals becomes blurred. The parallels with our lives become apparent when one realizes that the book is about Bob’s struggle to live according to our terms as human beings. Even though dogs are considered to be man’s best friend, they can be forgotten or overlooked in today’s society. We tend to think of them as living only for our amusement or serving a purpose i.e., police dog, drug detector dog etc. This story shows the readers that these animals are more independent than we give them credit for and can live on their own without any human influence if necessary.

2. Design a collage about your favorite character

3.complete a story map





Solution4. Submit a proposal form to your teacher for a product of your choice.

An electric bike is among the best invention so far. Apart from helping in managing traffic on the road, it is environmental friendly. Buying an electric bike is a wise idea if you are looking to make your commute easier without the hassles of traffic or parking. You will not be spared from difficulty while biking. But, at least you can be sure that the bike will never leave you stranded. So, what are some of the advantages and disadvantages of owning an e-bike? Here is a list so you can start thinking about it:

The advantages include: Not having to spend for gas, saving money on transportation costs, and being able to enjoy your commute in peace. The disadvantages include: It being heavy, it might not be suitable to you depending on your physical or fit status, and its battery might not be able to deliver sufficient power.

Before you buy an electric bike, be sure to consider your needs. There are various things you need to weigh before making a decision such as: How much is the cost of the electric bike? When will it last longer? What are its specifications? Will you have enough space for it, and what size is the space? This will help you determine whether the electric bike you want is appropriate for your needs or not. Drawing conclusion from these factors will help you make an informed choice as well as enjoy your ride without any worries concerning its lifespan.

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