PSYC 101 WEEK Chapter 4 Quiz Chapter 4 Quiz   ·         Question 1 All but which of the following are considered psychological factors that contribute to the development of drug use and dependence? ·         Question 2 People who abuse more than one drug at a time are called ·         Question 3 Who suggested that dreams help us sort through possible solutions to everyday problems and concerns? ·         Question 4 Sleep cycles repeat about every ______ minutes, and the typical adult has ______ cycles per night. ·         Question 5 Samantha simultaneously performs two different tasks, each of which demands some level of attention. Samantha’s state of consciousness is best described as ·         Question 6 During the past hour, Gaylon has been experiencing slow-wave sleep. Based on this description, which stages of sleep has Gaylon likely experienced during this time? ·         Question 7 Regarding the effects of smoking, which of the following statements is FALSE? ·         Question 8 Sherilyn takes MDMA. When she buys the drug at the local dance club, she asks for ·         Question 9 Among teenagers who begin smoking, about what proportion or percentage will eventually die of smoking-related causes? ·         Question 10 Regarding sleep deprivation, which of the following statements is TRUE? ·         Question 11 The hormone melatonin helps synchronize the sleep-wake cycle by means of ·         Question 12 Sociocultural factors that might increase the probability that an individual will begin to abuse drugs or alcohol include all of the following EXCEPT _____. ·         Question 13 Who is generally regarded as the father of American psychology and recognized for his contributions to the study of consciousness? ·         Question 14 Inheriting a greater tolerance for the negative effects of alcohol ·         Question 15 In a study reported in the text, Canadian drivers were asked to report distracted driving behaviors. Which behavior was most commonly reported for other drivers? ·         Question 16 ______ theory describes hypnosis as a phenomenon in which one’s consciousness divides or splits. ·         Question 17 Jet lag has shown to be associated with all but which of the following? ·         Question 18 Addison has decided to learn transcendental meditation (TM). She will be given training in _____. ·         Question 19 LSD has all of the following effects EXCEPT ·         Question 20 In Freudian theory, the actual events that occur in a dream are referred to as its ______ content, while the underlying meaning of a dream is its ______ content.


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