PSYC 101 WEEK Chapter 3 Quiz Chapter 3 Quiz   ·         Question 1   When the full moon appears near the horizon, 6-year-old Mallory says, “The moon is bigger tonight than last night.” Last night, Mallory saw the moon later in the night, when it was high in the sky. Mallory’s experience is an example of the ·         Question 2   The specialized cells in sense organs that detect external stimuli are called ·         Question 3   The role of feature detectors is to ·         Question 4   Which sense monitors the position of your body in space and helps maintain balance? ·         Question 5   Austin experiences motion sickness on his first cruise vacation. From which two senses has Austin received conflicting information? ·         Question 6   Cathy takes three treatments of chemotherapy a week. At each session, she brings along novels on tape to listen to during her treatment. Cathy is using which method of pain management? ·         Question 7   Dustin suffers from chronic back pain as the result of an old injury. Any time he is required to sit for long periods, he makes sure to bring a music player into the treatment room with him, because he has found that listening to his favorite music helps him cope with the pain. Dustin is using the pain control technique of ·         Question 8   Joseph has been assisting the team doctor in his treatment of relatively minor but painful injuries for his football team. The doctor has carefully instructed Joseph to alternate between applying hot compresses and cold packs to the injured area. This treatment may be effective because both heat and cold send competing messages through the spinal cord that may temporarily block pain messages. This technique is known as ·         Question 9   According to a study reported in the text, about what percentage of teenagers show evidence of hearing loss? ·         Question 10   People with normal color vision are described as ·         Question 11   Which of the following is an example of the depth cue of relative clarity? ·         Question 12   Regarding pheromones, which of the following statements is FALSE? ·         Question 13   In human audition, the vibration of the ossicles is triggered by vibration of the _____ and transmitted directly to the ______. ·         Question 14   Dr. Halpern tells his graduate student, Dwight, that he’ll need to deliver the lecture in Halpern’s psychology class today. When Halpern tells him that the lecture is on olfaction, Dwight knows he’ll be talking about which sense? ·         Question 15   Which of the following suggests that pitch detection is coded by combining frequencies of neurons firing in alternate succession? ·         Question 16   Compared to fibers that carry signals about temperature and touch, pain fibers associated with dull or throbbing pain are ·         Question 17   Various species emit chemical substances called ______ that play important roles in many behaviors. ·         Question 18   A piece of chalk placed in the shade on a sunny day reflects less light than a black hockey puck placed directly in the sunlight. Yet we perceive the chalk to be brighter than the hockey puck. We can explain this perceptual phenomenon based on the principle of ·         Question 19   Regarding the sensation of sound, which of the following statements is FALSE?   ·         Question 20 Regarding the absolute and difference thresholds, which of the following statements is FALSE?


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