What is the purpose of the model

Assignment 3: Reflection and Personal Branding Plan

What is the purpose of the model?

PESTEL Analysis model will help me better understand the macro-environmental factors shaping the process of market planning.

The market segmentation model will help me better understand existing and prospective customers in a given market segment to make informed decisions on marketing activities that are focused on them.

Where in the plan it was used? How did each model contribute to your insight?

PESTEL Analysis model was used during the formulation of marketing strategies. The model helped to understand better how macro-environmental factors contribute and shape marketing strategies/plans.

The market segmentation model was used during the process of developing marketing activities or programs. The model helped me better understand how to target those customers that are most likely to be satisfied by my market offerings.

Why this concept/tool appeals to you, moving into a marketing career?

PESTEL Analysis tool will significantly help me make better marketing strategies or plans.

The market segmentation appeals to me since it will substantially assist me in making better marketing programs or activities for a given market segment.

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