Transportation and Logistics – Good Answers

Transportation and Logistics – Good Answers

As you begin working on a research paper, it is helpful to examine what
things you are interested in. Why does this matter? Doing so is
important because papers written on a topic that is interesting to the
author tend to be stronger. The best papers are written by those who
are passionate about their topics.

For this forum, explore five areas of interest that intrigue you. Think
outside the box. Go where you have wanted to go, but haven’t yet.
Because the research paper assignment in this class asks for a paper on a
topic in your field or major, this requirement could form the outer
perimeter of your interests. But inside, there are many variations that
could intrigue you.

For example, if you are majoring in homeland security but have a love
for the visual arts, you may want to explore how messages about homeland
security have been conveyed, including what visual techniques have been
used. If you are majoring in history and love exploring science, you
may look at the roles of specific scientific advances in a particular
era. If you are majoring in psychology and love building furniture,
you may want to look at how humans think about creating things and how
they feel about polishing specific skills.

For your initial post, share these thoughts:

1. Briefly describe your major or field of study. (MajorTransportation and Logistics)

2. Explore topics that intrigue you that may or may not be in this
field of study. These may be reflected in the kind of leisure reading
you do, the movies or TV shows you choose to watch, the places you tend
to go to relax, and the topics you really like to talk about with
friends and family. List five (5) of these topics.

3. Try making connections between items 1 and 2 above. How might
the five (5) interests listed in item 2 connect with your major or field
of study?

In your response to others, try to help them see other connections between their interests and major or field of study.

Post your response in 250 -300 words

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