Training and development Quiz answer key

The SBI case at the beginning of Chapter 10, where the women were treated so differently than the men, took place in the1990’sOn-boarding is a term that meansNone of the above
-taking on more responsibility
-buying into the corporate culture of an org
-you have been selected for the jobOn-boarding is a term thatAll of the above
– refers to longer, more in-depth orientations 
-refers to orientations focused on mangers 
-is used interchangeably with orientationEffective orientation are successful inBoth A& B
-reducing turnover 
-improving job performanceResearch demonstrates that attendance at an orientationLeads to higher likelihood of adopting organizational goals and valuesWhich of the following statements about orientation is true?None of the above is trueSome of the issues an orientation should cover arepolicies and procedure the department has in placeThe optimum length of an orientationdepends on the objectives of the orientationWhich of the following statements is true?The turnover of women is double that of menWhich of the following is not an advantage of having an effective diverse workforce?They are all advantages: 
-larger applicant pool
-lower costs
-access to more markets
-creative problem solvingThe “quid pro quo” type of sexual harassment involvesan offer of some job perks by a supervisor in exchange for sexual favorsWhich of the following statements regarding sexual harassment is true?A U.S> survey on sexual harassment reported that 15% of males said they were sexually harassed on the jobThere is some evidence that sexual harassment charges can influence the value of a company’s stock bybetween 5 and 30 %A survey indicated that about_________ percent of organizations offer some type of sexual harassment training.80In regards to sexual harassment training, which of the following is true?There needs to be support from upper managementWhich of the following statements about sexual harassment training is NOT true?Training needs to be only for supervisors as they are the ones that are likely to offend, and also the ones who need to be aware of how to investigate complaintsA survey of fortune 1000 organizations in North America indicated that about__________ percent use teams.70Advantages of teamwork includeAll of the above: 
-Increased productivity 
– Improved Job satisfaction 
– Lower absenteeismAccording to the text, in the early years many team efforts failed becauseThere was a lack of refresher trainingThe text lists______ major types of teams.fiveThe typical type of training for any type of team isB and C
– Procedural
-declarativeIn team training, who should be involved in the design of the evaluation phase?Both A and C
-The trainer
– The team membersWhich of the following is NOT a dimension of culture?TeamworkWhich of the following cultures is noted as Individualistic?NetherlandsWhich of the following cultures is noted for its short-term orientation?PakistanWhich of the following statements is true?There are 5 dimensions along which individuals from different cultures seem to differRegarding expatriates, which statement is true?To deal with failure rates, orbs have started hiring foreign nationals for overseas positionsThe rate of expatriate failure in Japan is only 5% as compared to the U.S. with a failure rate of_______20%Which of the following statements about the glass ceiling is true?Kraft Foods has about a quarter of its corporate positions filled by womenIf you have someone who was disables and needs special equipment to be effective in their jobBoth A& B
– You have a duty to accommodate, which means you need to provide this equipment
-If you can prove undue hardship because of the cost of the equipmentConsider Mary, who is hearing immured but able to speak a read lips. She applies for the job of a accounting clerk. She has all the KSAs required for critical tasks. Although not a critical task, the job requires using the phone from time to time. Can the employer refuse to hire her on the basis of her inability to use a phone?No, the company has a duty to accommodate her by buying a phone for the hearing impaired.Which of the following statements about literacy is true?Graduated from high school often require remedial skills trainingIn developing literacy training, it is important to alwaysBoth A& B 
– use a TNA
– ensure confidentialityProviding the basic literacy skills traininghas a positive influence on safetyThe MAIN obstacle to effective safety training isit is boring and trainees have difficulty paying attentionWhich of the following statements about training in different cultures is true?None of the above is true: 
– Europeans look forward to North American style training with all its flash 
– Russians in particular require training to be attention grabbing in order for them to be motivated to learn
– For Asians, training that relies on trainee involvement will fail miserablyWhen training in other culturesB & C 
– use exercises to get involvement 
– have an orientation to the training highlights the differences in Norht American training before using it in the trainingTO be of some value, an orientation should be at least two to three days longFalseA TNA is not necessary in the development of an orientationFalseDiversity in the workforce creates tensionTrueDiversity training focuses on understanding the differences between people of different backgroundsTrueDiversity training is costly but even though there are no financial benefits, other outcomes make it a necessityFalseTop mgmt should not be involved in diversity trainingFalseA hostile work environment is one type of sexual harassmentTrueA survey revealed only 30% of org. provides some sort of sexual harassment trainingFalseSexual harassment training is only necessary for mgmt as non-mgmt employees are not able to sexually harass given their position in the org.FalseWorking in teams results in employees doing more meaningful workTruePassive goal orientation is where behavior is focused on social relationshipstrueThose in a power tolerance culture may choose not to follow their leader if they believe it is not in their best interestsTrueIn order to not be charged with unfair discrimination when promoting someone, you need to be sure you provided the opportunity for all the qualified to get relevant trainingTrueYou always must accommodate someone with a disability, not matter what the costFalse


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