Thesis Statement on Environmental Issues

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Thesis Statement on Environmental Issues

My Thesis: Climate change, global warming, and pollution are environmental issues that need to be addressed since they affect the community and many nations, resulting in environmental degradation and resource depletion.

My thesis statement focuses on the concern that environmental issues result from several factors such as pollution, global warming, and climate change. All these need to be addressed to avoid further problems and challenges resulting from environmental issues. In my thesis, I can ask several questions that concern environmental issues. To begin with, a question I would ask is, what are the different types of environmental pollution? What is global warming, and how does it occur? I would also want to know how human beings contribute to pollution and climate change cases and the relationship between global warming and pollution. The feedback that I would give myself to help refine this thesis statement is that I need to know how the environmental issues contribute to the culture, politics, and social aspects of a country, the specific types of pollution, and how each of them affects different nations.


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