Task: DB Diversity

The purpose of this discussion board post is to process the concepts in the chapter and to cover our objectives for Chapter 9.First, define “diversity” and “inclusion.” What do these words mean to you?Reflect on the six primary dimensions of cultural diversity shown in Table 9.1 on page 212 (i.e., age, gender, race, mental and physical abilities, ethnicity, and sexual orientation). Which types of diversity is easiest for you to embrace, and which is the hardest for you to embrace? Why? Explain your answers.One way to explore the concept of inclusion is to reflect on your own personal feelings about inclusion. In a group situation, how much do you want to be included by others? Using a personal example , discuss a time when you were in a group or a team when you felt included by others and a time when you felt excluded. Why did you feel included in one situation and not the other? Elaborate and discuss.


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