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Response to Second Assignment

A toll road also called a toll way or turnpike, is a private or public road for which a fee is weighed for passage. These roads have occasional stops whereby drivers or users have to pay a certain sum of cash to use them. Most of the time, it is a controlled-access highway in the modern-day. Toll roads use a type of road pricing commonly implemented to help recover road maintenance and construction costs. The payment levied on traveling on the toll road is connected to a toll (Romero et al., 2020). This response discusses advantages and disadvantages to the drivers, ecological factors to the use of toll roads instead of free roads, and why an individual would prefer paying a toll to use a free highway.

One of the advantages of toll roads is that it saves time. It is a well-known benefit of toll roads whereby it saves a considerable amount of journey time than other routes. Toll roads are of good quality and relatively smooth, making it a lot quicker to cross country (Romero et al., 2020). They are also advantageous to the driver to save money, offer safety, and aid in pre-planning. A driver doesn’t have to carry cash with him to the toll booths as it can be taken from the bank account registered on the tag account.

The disadvantages of toll roads include the traffic distortions caused by these roads, extra expenses of toll collection, and the interest cost of borrowing funds. They foster political patronage, foster corruption, and discourage required improvements on the rest of the highway roads. Someone might choose to pay a toll than using a free road because technological novelties make sure free traffic flow. They save an individual time, money and promote increased fuel economy; that’s why individuals prefer to use them (Acerete et al., 2019). There are eco-friendly features to the use of toll roads instead of free roads since they are suitable for the environment. It aids in reducing the capacity of harmful emissions in addition to transportation costs.


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Romero, F., Gomez, J., Paez, A., & Vassallo, J. M. (2020). Toll roads vs. Public transportation: A study on the acceptance of congestion-calming measures in Madrid. Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice, 142, 319-342.

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