Reading #3b

Read pages 1-20 from Understanding Climate Change Adaptation: Lessons from Community Based Approaches, by J Ensor and R Berger. Available through this link: Understanding Climate Change Adaptation 1-20.pdf and also directly in the “Assigned Reading” files folder. Answer the following questions pertaining to this reading assignment.1) (5 pts) Give a detailed explanation of the challenges faced by poorer communities of rural areas. How do some of these challenges lead to vulnerability from climate change impacts?2) (5 pts) What are the different types of challenges posed by climate change that need to by be considered? Give examples of the different kinds of impacts discussed. How are these impacts related to various types of vulnerability, and how do the adaptation planners find ways to distinguish them?2) ( 5 pts) How have rural poor communities adapted to changes and what are their sources of resiliency? Do these communities have some forms of adaptive capacity and not others? Explain.


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