Project Brief: Homeless Children in NYC

Project Brief: Homeless Children in NYC

Using the Notes from the Target Audience and the professor’s input
create a project brief. Use addatchmrnt: “example Project Brief” to see
what the outline and format should look like. Answer following sections
(template is included in additional attachments called )

Topic: Poverty and Homelessness

Team Name: Home Team

Specific Area of Focus and Why: There are over 20,000 homeless children
in NYC. With this campaign, we would like to address the need for
professional clothing specifically for young men and women who are
homeless or living in shelters. We would like to go beyond only
offering clothes and offer mentorship and career guidance for the young

Specific Geographic Region: New York City

Target Audience: The target audience for this project is older
professionals who are retiring from corporate life and corporations who
are looking for ways to engage workers. Additionally, we would like to
create partnerships with brands such as J.Crew and TJ Maxx to encourage
in-kind corporate donations.

The Brand/Nonprofit: The Brand/Nonprofit we would like to work most
closely with Dress for Success and their brother organization, Career

Please look at Target Audience Notes when answering the below questions:

—What is the challenge we’re facing?
-Background (who is the client and what problem are we attempting to solve?)

-Objective/Purpose (what precisely are we trying to accomplish with this initiative?)

—Who are we talking to?
-Target Audience (who is the primary (and secondary) audience and what
do they care about? who/what influences their decisions/behaviors?)


-Current Behavior (how does the target currently behave in relation to this challenge?)

-Desired Behavior (how do we want this target to behave in relation to this challenge?)

-Insight (what’s the “holy s!*t!, I never thought of it that way!”
insight that will drive this behavior change? remember: an insight is
not information or an observation; insight should answer the why behind
the information/observation)

-Support for Your Insight (what are the high-level research findings that support this insight?)

-The One Thing (what is the single most important message we want our audience to take away from this? NO “AND” ALLOWED!)

-Tone (what three words (or less) describe the final designed product?
words to consider: minimal, elegant, colorful, bright, muted, dark,
bold, clean, grungy, balanced, retro/vintage, modern, illustrated,
trendy, hand-drawn, text-heavy, photo-heavy, magazine-style, futuristic)

Answer professor’s questions:

+ The cause space—How has youth homelessness changed over time—has it
gotten worse or better? what has impacted the increase or decrease of
youth homelessness? ?

+ The landscape or “competition”—Who else, in addition to Dress for
Success/Career Gear, is trying to combat this issue? what are they
doing? who are they targeting? has it been effective for them? anyone
you can interview in at these orgs? Make sure you consider orgs that are
offering guidance and mentoring to youth looking for jobs—what are they
doing and how is what you’re proposing be different/better?

+ The target—What’s your plan to research these older professionals so
you understand whether they help with this issue now, and why/why not?
and what would make them get involved in this? etc, etc.

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