Please read the attached play and write a 3 page paper based on the below questions and criteriaDecide on a play to adapt and provide a brief explanation of why you chose this particular play and justification for your creative vision.  This must be considered alongside the themes you’ve identified as informing your vision and those that you’ve determined to be the most important to highlight.-Decide to what audience you want to target your scene interpretation.  AND, WHY?-Decide on a setting and time period for the story.  Will it take place in a different place and time than originally written (i.e., Lurhman’s adaptation of Romeo + Juliet with Danes and DiCaprio)?  AND, WHY? If not, why do you wish to keep it set in its original setting?-Decide if you will keep the story exactly like the play, or make some modifications.  AND, WHY?-Whom will you cast? How will your characters be dressed? AND, WHY?-Be sure to consider what special stage and music elements you want to incorporate into your scene. AND, WHY?- Include one detailed staging of a scene and your assertion of the scene’s significance to the play as a whole. Please feel free to use drawings, illustrations, etc., to complement your written explanation.I have found that this assignment works best if you use subtopics to organize your paper.  Start by identifying the play, the themes you wish to highlight and support these ideas with proof from the text (i.e., lines/dialogue).  Be as creative as possible.  It is not enough to tell me what you want to do, you must also tell me why.  What about/in the play—inspires you to make these choices?Explain and justify your reasons for your restaging/interpretation.  Think about what makes some of your favorite adaptations good movies.  Be creative and take risks! There are no wrong answers if you demonstrate that you know your source play and you have given thought to your re-staging.This paper must be at least 3 pages, 12-point font and double-spaced.IMPORTANT TERM: Mise-en-scene, a French term meaning “place on stage,” refers to all the visual elements of a theatrical production within the space provided by the stage itself.YOU MUST support your ideas, claims and creative choices with dialogue from the play.1. For ideas and guidance with this project, please check out this link to a youtube video concerning stage Also:


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