poli sci – Good Answers

poli sci – Good Answers


  1. Describe the Truman Doctrine. What was its principal objective? Would you contend that it was consistent, or conflicted with, “making the world safe for democracy”? What did Presidents Clinton and Bush offer as a replacement for the Truman Doctrine? Was it an appropriate response to the realities of the period? Explain. What has President Obama offered? Was the US take down of bin Laden more consistent with the Clinton or Bush Doctrine? Explain.
  2. We have discussed a number of presidential doctrines. How would you characterize an “Obama Doctrine?’ Of the previous doctrines that we have discussed, which would you suggest it is closest to? Explain. Which is it furthest from? Explain.
  3. Select any current event. Which level of government, federal or state, would you suggest has been the most influential for that issue? Explain. Which branch of government has been the most influential? Explain. Which branch of government has responsibility for checking and balancing the one that you have selected? Explain. Has it been able to adequately perform that function? Why/why not?
  4. Discuss realist and idealist philosophies regarding foreign policy. Which approach would you suggest would be best for the US currently? Explain, citing an area of foreign policy as a case study. Was that the approach used the last four years? Account for any similarities or differences.
  5. In recent weeks there has been considerable consternation in the US regarding allegations of excessive force across the US. Explain the constitutional arguments on each side of that debate. Explain the moral and ethical arguments on each side. Who do you hold most responsible for present discontent? Explain.
  6. Who would you name as the most effective president of the last 70 years? Explain being sure to consider his ability to wrest power from the Congress. Who has been the least effective? Again consider relations with Congress. The question does not ask who you approve of the most or least. It has to do with effectiveness.
  7. President Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden (yes, he is the Veep) both recently declared their support for same sex-marriage. What are thoughts on their positions from both Constitutional and, ethical, perspectives? Which side do you think should prevail in that debate? Support your position constitutionally and ethically.
  8. There has been considerable debate in the last few years regarding religious rights v. civil liberties. Discuss a case where these two issues have collided. Cite contending constitutional positions on both sides. Cite contending ethical positions. In the end, explain which side of the debate on your issue you support and why.
  9. Consider the matter of the “bathroom law” in North Carolina. Discuss what you believe to be the salient constitutional and ethical discussions on both sides of the debate over it. Which side do you think should prevail? Why. Discuss the constitutional basis for North Carolina’s claim that that federal government is guilty of overreach. Provide a constitutional basis for the claim of the feds that they are not guilty of overreach. Which one do you find to be the most persuasive? Explain.

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