Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

We have chose 2 companies,

  1. State Farm
  2. Wells Fargo

Conduct research that accomplishes the following:

Locate a job within Information Technology that your group agrees collectively to use

Locate a company that telecommute/remote jobs are posted for that specific job.

Locate a company that does not allow telecommute/remote work fort hat specific job.

Write a paper where you compare and contrast two companies that have the same or similar job where one company allows the job to be worked remotely and the other company does not.

What reasons do you feel that one company allows the same job to be worked remotely versus the other not allowing it?

Do you see that trends being geared towards letting someone work remotely in that job field?

Are there any differences in the industries between the two companies that would explain the difference?

Provide information about the job and offer a suggestion to:

The company that does not allow remote work providing reasons why they should.

The company that does allow remote work on ways to improve.

Paper requirements

10 pages minimal

5 scholarly sources minimal

APA format

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