Nursing: Roots of Organizational Policy

*********** Topic I choose: Pharmacy Services********The Comprehensive Final Project (Assignment #4) has been designed for the student to identify federal and state policy roots in a specific health services organization.  Each student will select a specific management area for a specific organization.  The student will identify a health services setting where they have access to the policy manual (or a sample policy manual).  The setting may include a single location or an organization with many types of services and many service delivery settings. Select one of the following spheres where you will map out and describe a minimum of five (5) organizational policies linked to federal or state legislative mandates. Note some policies may be required for accreditation and also related to public policy.  This is the case with many NCQA standards.Prepare a final PowerPoint presentation with no more than 10-15 content slides. A cover and reference slide must be provided.  Draw on what you have learned throughout the class including:-a summary of each (5 in total) organizational policy and the federal/state legislative roots for each policy (by name and statute),-any pending changes to the legislation (to each)-and your metrics for the organization in terms of performance (for each)Health Management Areas (select one):facilities planning and maintenanceoccupational health & safetyprevention programs for health disparitiespayment processing and billinghuman resourceshealth information technology and EMRpharmacy services (CHOSEN TOPIC)laboratory servicessupply chain  Medical Equipment/ Technologypatient/customer and community relationspatient support servicesstrategic planning and new service developmentadvertising or marketingInternal Quality ControlDirect Patient CareThe grading rubric for this assignment appears below, if you opened the Assignment in the Assignment Folder. It can be opened by clicking on the ‘Written Assignment Rubric’ tab in the lower right corner of the screen, if you opened the Assignment in Content. :



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