Nursing: Quantitative and Qualitative Critique Articles

1.Nurses’ perspectives on workplace mistreatment: A qualitative study.Full Text AvailableAcademic JournalVagharseyyedin, Seyyed Abolfazl; Nursing & Health Sciences, Mar2016; 18(1): 70-78. 9p. (Article) ISSN: 1441-0745, Database: CINAHL CompleteSubjects: Workplace Violence; Nurse Attitudes; Nursing Staff, Hospital; Bullying; Adult: 19-44 years; Middle Aged: 45-64 years; Male; FemaleNurse exposure to physical and nonphysical violence, bullying, and sexual harassment: A quantitative reviewPaul E. SpectorCorrespondence information about the author Paul E. SpectorEmail the author Paul E. Spector,Zhiqing E. Zhou,Xin Xuan CheHomework:Critique of Research Studies – Part 1: Due Topic 4For Part 1 of the critique, focus only on the following segments for each article:QuantitativeQualitative·          Title·          Title·          Abstract·          Abstract·          Introduction·          Introductiono    Statement of the problemo    Statement of the problemo    Hypotheses or research questionso    Research questionso    Literature reviewo    Literature reviewo    Conceptual/theoretical frameworko    Conceptual underpinnings :



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