Nursing: public speaking 2020

Lesson 7 Assignment 7.1Due: Jan 12 at 11:59pmCalendarPublic SpeakingDetailsAssignment 7.1: Outline ConceptsThis assignment supports the following lesson objective:4.5 Describe concepts and issues concerning outline contentAssignment OverviewThis practice exercise explores some key concepts that are related to creating outlines for a speech.DeliverablesA one- to two-page document (12-point font, 300 to 600 words) written in a word processor, such as MS WordAssignment DetailsIn this activity, you will answer questions related to creating outlines for speech presentations.Perform the following tasks:Step 1: Review the information that is presented in the lesson.Focus on the concepts and issues that are related to outlining a speech.Step 2: Copy and paste the table below into a word processing document.Step 3: Fill in the missing information in the table.Type of OutlineDescription and CharacteristicsUseWorking Outline  Formal Outline    Delivery OutlineStep 4: In the document, answer the following questions:What identifying data should you include at the beginning of a working outline?Should you include transition statements in a formal outline? If so, how should you indicate that they are transitions?Why should you use complete declarative sentences when creating a formal outline?What is the main purpose of creating a delivery outline?:


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