Nursing: Performance measures

In 500-750 words, determine the performance measures that will be used to evaluate whether the proposed informatics solution meets the specified goals for the project and the organization and describe how these will be implemented.Include the following:Develop the performance measures      for the project. Describe what these are and what they are intended to      measure. In addition to the project’s implementation, effectiveness, and      functionality, consider measurements for how well the plan was executed,      the cost/cost components (if relevant), schedule variables, and scope.Evaluate how the performance      measures will also determine whether the proposed project is meeting the organizational      objectives.Compare and contrast two or three      industry tools and methodologies that could be used to evaluate the      success of the project’s implementation. Provide rationale for the tools      and methodologies selected.Develop the strategies for      implementing performance measures to evaluate the project. Explain how and      when the performance measures will be implemented throughout the project.Assess the reasons why the proposed      project may not meet the performance measures. In what circumstances would      the proposed project not meet the organizational objectives?Create a mitigation plan and      discuss how it will be implemented if the project improvement      outcomes do not meet performance measures or organizational      objectives.Cite a minimum of three scholarly resources. Sources must be published within the past 5 years and appropriate for the assignment criteria and health care and health informatics content. :



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