Nursing: Pathophysiology Disease Paper and Presentation Crushing’s Syndrome

Pathophysiology Disease Paper and Presentation Crushing’s SyndromeFor this assignment you will need to write a 3-page paper (not including title page or bibliography) and give a 5-10 minute presentation to the class on your topic. Make sure to create a concept map to hand out to the class that includes the information stated below. Please add some creativity to your presentation.In your presentation you will need to include the following and create a concept map as well:Pathphysiology of the disease processEtiology of the disease processSigns and symptoms (manifestations) of the disease processTreatment of the disease processDiagnostic test1-2 nursing diagnosis with interventionsOne NCLEX-type question for the classOne interesting piece of information about your disease process found from a reputable source outside of your textbook (this should be included as a citation in your paper. It should also be included on your reference page at the end of your paper).E :



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