Nursing: M6A1: Critical Analysis Paper

The purpose of this assignment is for you to test your understanding of the key concepts that you’ve been learning about over the past few weeks.Select one (1) of the ethical issues listed below and develop a 4 page paper that will address the following:Explanation of the selected issue. Why is this issue important in the healthcare field?Discuss any ethical and legal implications that can arise from the selected issue and the impact on the patient and the healthcare professional.Identify and explain two (2) challenges related to the selected ethical controversial issue that can impact the role of the healthcare professional?Paper must be typed in font-size 12, include citations, and references with proper APA formatting. The paper must contain a minimum of three (3) current references. Use your resources from the assigned textbook, periodicals and web sites and the Excelsior College library. Paper length should be 4 pages including a cover page and a reference page.The paper should address one of the following ethical issues:Stem cell researchGenetic testingPersistent vegetative stateThe Americans Disabilities ActPre-existing conditionsOrgan allocation:


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