Nursing: Looking ONLY for professional writer for “Capstone Project” NO FIRST TIME capstone writer PLEASE. Prefer from England, America, India, Australia.

Topic: Autism in the united statesThe following is a brief outline of what capstone should consist of.Title Page (1 page)Abstract (1 page)Dedication (1 page)Acknowledgements (1 page)Table of Contents (1-3 pages)List of Tables (1 page)List of Figures (1 page)Background (5-7 pages total)Introduction paragraph (1/2 page)General Problem Statement (1 page)Specific Problem Statement (1 page)Purpose Statement (1 page)Research Questions (1/2 page)Hypotheses (1/2 page)Definition of terms (if needed) (1/2 page – 2 pages)Literature Review (10-16 pages total; minimum 25 scholarly references)Introduction paragraph (1 page)Concept 1 (3-5 pages)Concept 2 (3-5 pages)Concept 3 (3-5 pages)Method (5-7 pages total)a.       Introduction paragraph (1/2 page)Research Method and Design Appropriateness (1 page)Population (1 page)Sampling Frame (1/2 page)Data Collection  (1 page)Data Analysis  (1 page)Findings (5-7 pages total)Introduction paragraph (1/2 page)Limitations (1 page)Use and Application of Findings (1/2 page)Recommendation 1 (1 page)Recommendation 2 (1 page)Recommendation 3 (1 page)Conclusion (1-2 pages)Reference Page (1+ pages; minimum of 35 scholarly references)Kindly only need professional writer who have already done work with capstone project, as a proof writer have to send me any previous capstone project to make it confirm that he can work on it. its a progressive assigenmnt and I have already worked on background so if you want then I will send that to you then you can start ahead.**NO FIRST TIME CAPSTONE WRITER  PLEASE.Below is the manuscript that will help you how to make assignemnt. NO grammar mistake acceptable:


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