Nursing: health and age paper

Title : How Exercise Impacts Health and AgingReferences:· Tenenbaum, G., & Eklund, R. C. (2007). Handbook of sport psychology (3rd ed.).  Hoboken, N.J.: Wiley.·  Aging and Preventive Health. (2014).Retrieved March 5, 2014, from· Fox, K. (1999). The influence of physical activity on mental well-being. Public  Health Nutrition, 2(3a), 411-418.· An Estimated 1 in 10 U.S. Adults Report Depression. (2011). Centers For DiseaseControl and Prevention. Retrieved March 2, 2014, from·  Cotman, C; N Berchtold; & L Christie. (2007). “Exercise Builds Brain Health: KeyRoles Of Growth Factor Cascades And Inflammation.” Trends in Neurosciences30.9 (2007): 464-472. Print.· Marcus, B. H., Daniels, S. R., Buchner, D., Franklin, B. A., Yancey, A. K., King, A.C., et al. (2006). Physical Activity Intervention Studies: What We Know And What We Need To Know: A Scientific Statement From The American Heart Association Council On Nutrition, Physical Activity, And Metabolism (Subcommittee On Physical Activity); Council On Cardiovascula. Circulation, 114(24), 2739-2752.·  The Journals of Gerontology: Series A. (n.d.). Review Article: Exercise, Aging, and  Muscle Protein Metabolism.·  Physical Activity and Health. (2011). Centers for Disease Control andPrevention. Retrieved February 13, 2014, from·  Mascarelli, A. (2011). Exercise counteracts aging effects. Los Angeles Times.Retrieved February 14, 2014,from·  The Journals of Gerontology: Series A. (n.d.). Benefits of Physical Exercise on theAging Brain: The Role of the Prefrontal Cortex. Retrieved February 14, 2014, fromhttp://biomedgerontology.oxfordjournals.orgStep 1: Write an annotated bibliography. Each of the 10 citations in your reference list should be followed by a brief (about 150 words) descriptive and evaluative paragraph explaining how this source will help to develop your paper. For more information on creating an annotated bibliography, visit: .Also see the UMUC guide Annotated Bibliography -APA styleSubmit your annotated bibliography of 10 references to the Assignments tab by the end of Week 3.Step 2: Formulate a thesis statement and an outline for your paper. For information on creating a thesis statement, see Effective Writing Center pages with links to writing an essay.Create a paper outline using the following format:Research Paper TitleI. Introduction: Grab attention, relate importance to health and aging, and present a focused thesis statement. For more information, see: Prewriting and OutlineII. Body: Main points and articles your will use to support your point.A.  Main point 1 (reference 1: author’s name, year; reference 2: author’s name, year;…)B.  Main point 2 (reference 1: author’s name, year; reference 2: author’s name, year;…)C.  Main point 3 (reference 1: author’s name, year; reference 2: author’s name, year;…)D.  Etc.III. Conclusion: Wrap up your paper with a brief summary of your main points. For more information, see:Writing the conclusionSubmit your thesis statement and outline to the Assignments Folder by the end of Week 4.Step 3: Write a 6-8 page final draft of your paper, including the following:Title page: Provide the title of the paper, your name, and the course and sectionIntroduction: Grab attention, relate importance to health and aging, and present a focused thesis statementBody: Identify and develop each main point in an organized, clear manner, using in-text citations. Discuss possible solutions to the issue.Conclusion: Wrap up your paper with a brief summary of your main points.Reference list: Incorporate revisions from Step 1:


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