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I NEED A GOOD COMMENT BASED IN THIS ARGUMENT. BETWEEN 250-300 WORDSOur society today has a diverse population with many different cultures. Because of the variety of healthcare needs and languages, the risk for health disparities is high. These different cultures face discrimination, lack of accessibility and understanding of healthcare, and language barriers. Culturally competent nursing is very important because it closes the gap and allows for every patient to be treated with respect and get the maximum level of care regardless of their race or beliefs.Cultural competency is an important skill to obtain as a nurse. A nurse is faced with the challenges of taking care of patients from a variety of cultural backgrounds on any given day. By evaluating your own biases, beliefs. And values prior to working with any group of individuals, you can put your stereotypes behind you and provide culturally competent care (Whitfield, 2016). Although this sounds easy, it is a rather difficult task sometimes, and is also an ongoing learning process. If you understand how you identify with and react to cultural differences, you can develop respect and skills to reduce the healthcare inequalities.ReferencesWhitfield. J. Cultural Competency in Nursing Practice. (2016) retrieved from:


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