Nursing: CAPS 401

Week 7 Signature Assignment Presentation: The Oral Defense VideoNow that you have completed your paper, build and deliver a video presentation that details your solution to the healthcare issue that serves as your topic.Recording, Uploading, and Submitting Your VideoAnother software or tool may be used to record your assignment. Completed videos are required to be uploaded to your KalturaMy Mediaarea before they can be submitted in the Blackboard assignment area via Mashups Tool > Kaltura Media.In your presentation, you should:Exhibit comprehensive research and understanding by referencing important points and insights from the perspectives of inquiry papers.Present your issue and your argument for your solutionDemonstrate effective oral communication skills:Exhibit competency in using virtual presentation tools and techniques.Remain within the time requirement.Demonstrate planning, preparation, and practice.Employ effective visual elements (multimedia).Make eye contact with the audience (the webcam).Vary your tone of voice as appropriate, speaking clearly and loudly.Your presentation should be 5–7 minutes in length. Refer to the rubric for evaluation details and to assist in preparing the presentation.:


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