“What is Interprofessional Collaborative Practice” from Darío García Rodríguez on YouTube™“Negative Experiences that Could Have Been Improved with Interprofessional Collaborative Practice” from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association on YouTube™“Positive Experiences with interprofessional Collaborative Practice” from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association on YouTube™“QSEN Competencies: Teamwork and Collaboration” from the University LibraryNote: View each transcript for the YouTube™ videos on their page.Read Core Competencies for Interprofessional Collaborative Practice: 2016 Update.Explore the 4 core competencies of Interprofessional Education Collaborative (IPEC): Values/Ethics for Interprofessional Practice, Roles/Responsibilities, Interprofessional Communication, Team, and Teamwork.Address the following:What do these competencies mean to you?How will learning about interprofessional collaboration influence your practice?Select 2 sub-competencies from each core competency and provide examples of how you will incorporate them into your daily work.Week 3 Interprofessional Collaboration Competencies – Grading Rubric 2022.docxWrite a 525- to 700-word APA formatted assignment providing your answers to the questions above and include examples of incorporating the sub-competencies into your work.Include a minimum of 2 scholarly (peer-reviewed) sources.Cite your sources according to APA guidelines.Submit your assignment as a Word doc :



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