Legislation that may impact your topic

Topic SelectedLegislation that may impact your topicThe population affected by this topic and legislationScope of the topic:State? Facility?County?Impact on APRNs role or practice
Working independently for nurse practitioners in Miami, Florida. This topic may be affected by the Florida’s nurse practitioner supervision laws. Florida is one of the strictest nation when it comes to nurse practitioners. Florida state law requires nurse practitioners to work under physicians’ supervision especially during practice and prescription. In fact, nurse practitioners are not allowed to prescribe controlled substances even with physician supervision.This topic can affect a great population. Allowing nurse practitioners to work independently would benefit the population of the entire state of Florida. It would increase access to healthcare services and solve the problem of physician shortage. It would increase access points of healthcare making healthcare cost to go down drastically.My focus on this topic is the entire state of Florida. Allowing nurse practitioners to work independently will enables patients with serious condition to get fast and cheap services at their surrounding areas.Allowing nurse practitioners to work independently will enable them to perform more activities on their own. They will be able to practice and prescribe medications to patients. They will get experience in providing quality patient care.

NSG6002 – WEEK 1 Project

Rubric – Week One
ItemPossible PointsYour Grade
Topic clearly defined75 
Legislation identified60 
   Possible impact of legislation defined15 
Population affected by this issue25 
Scope of the effect of this topic and legislation50 
Impact on APRNs clearly expressed25 

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