Learning strengths, Areas to Improve and Plan (2)

Learning strengths, Areas to Improve and Plan

Learning Strengths

Learning strengths are a foundation for academic success in motion, pictures and television. My first strength is attention to detail. To analyze images and scenes, attention to detail is a requirement, which helps in my assignments and classwork. Second is a strong memory of information. I am usually thorough and accurate because I tend to remember information given in class and required for analyzing movies; subsequenty group members rely on me to provide guideline according to already provided data. Third, I am flexible to changes in the environment. I quickly adapt to modifications in class, especially in changes made to assignment information. Fourth, I visualize a lot. During learning, I usually think openly and broadly. I easily interpret information in movies and visualize activities to undertake; as a result develop solution or target towards a specific goal. These strengths enhance my learning process, thus achieve better academic results.

What to Improve

However, I also have learning weaknesses that hinder my academic success. First, I provide too many details, in class reports, which makes me give unnecessary consequently earning poor marks. For example, after completion of a movie project, I wrote a report of 15 pages for a small class project, hence getting 20%. Second, I am poor at delegating duties and prefer performing work myself irrespective of the workload. During class activities, I get critical with people’s work, which affects performance of group assignments due to late submission. Third, I have a fear of presenting to large groups. My major in motion, pictures and television involves a lot of presentation. For example, during a research presentation in class of movie analysis, I had stage fright, shortness of breath, shaky body and voice, and sweat alot. My instructor had to make me sit, and I never made the presentation again. Lastly, I get impatient fast, especially during long-duration classes. I lack concentration at times since I get tired and become restless therefore losing some contents mentioned in class.

My Plan

My major requires a lot of report writing and presentations. To improve on my weaknesses, I plan to get training on report writing on onsite-courses, to know the essential factors to include and engage in more report writings to perfect the skill. Also, I plan to trust other people, especially my teammates and work with them more. I will achieve this by giving them a chance to contribute. To add on, I plan to embrace leadership skills, improve my communication through regular speaking and addressing groups of people to let out the fear I have. Lastly, I will try to make myself wait. I realized that I get impatient due to the thought of other activities I am supposed to do. Therefore, having a schedule for every event and assignments would prevent the weakness.

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