Juvenile justice

A law enforcement officer arrests 15-year old Christopher Simmons and two of his friends, Justin Wright and Todd Jones. It was later determined that Christopher and his two friends planned to commit burglary and murder by breaking and entering. The three suspects met in the middle of the night; however Justin Wright dropped out of the plot just before the burglary and the murder commenced. The other two suspects broke into Ms. Jacob’s home, bound the victims hands and covered her eyes. They then drove her to a state park and threw her off a bridge. Ms. Jacobs death was ruled, death by drowning.  At the disposition hearing, the State presented a written evaluation of the juveniles; a psychologist performed the written evaluation. The report indicates that Christopher’s full scale I.Q. is 76, which is borderline intellectually disabled. The report indicates that E.H.’s full scale I.Q. is 76, which is borderline retarded. Several test results suggest that he may be brain damaged and possibly subject to autism and childhood schizophrenia.Your objective this week is to have a real life discussion on whether Justin should be legally charged in this case. And, whether Christopher and Todd, should be charged as juveniles or adults? If convicted, what you think should happen to each of the defendant, and why you think so in terms of the purpose of criminal law.  (You know: retribution, community based sanctions, probation, mental institution, incapacitation, treatment or rehabilitation, or the possibility of restoration).


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