Juvenile Criminal Justice-Short Research Report

Juvenile Criminal Justice-Short Research Report

· -Each student must choose one of the “In Practice” articles as a basis for a short research report. (In the book, which I can provide) (Briefly talk about the article and state the main point/argument.)

· -After reading the article, you must research and find another article about the same issues. (Events MUST within 3 years, no scholarly journals)

· -Based on the two articles, you have addressed the similarities and differences in the report.

· -Based on your secondary article, see if you can find the result of the case.

· -Make sure to discuss if the differences or similarities are aspects you agree with or not

· -This assignment will be 3 FULL pages and follow APA style/ format.

· -Cover page, citations, reference page, times new roman, double spaced (Cover Page & Reference page does not include)

· -Make sure you integrate the facts from the article to support their argument.

· -Make sure to reference your book. (I can provide story & E-book)

· -Your secondary article MUST be within the last 3 years.

· -Cite the Book and the Article (The paper including the similarity and the difference)

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