Juvenile Criminal Justice, Juvenile Program Assessment

· Write a 3- 4 FULL page APA paper on a community juvenile program 

o It can be any program focusing on interventions for juveniles (Have to focus on juvenile programs)

· The paper must include a APA cover page and reference page (not included in your page count) 

What should my paper include?

· The program description

o Tell me the name of the program and location 

· What the program is trying to accomplish 

o Is it and intervention program pre or post delinquent behavior 

· How it tries to bring about change

o Is the program like a “scarred straight” program? or is it classes to deal with anger? or is it therapy?

· Program expectations

o What does the program feel they will accomplish, what are their goals? 

· Who attends the programs

· How people get involved/ success stories

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