Issue’s Related to Nursing Shortage

Issue’s Related to Nursing Shortage

APA format
Part 1
Utilize Leadership and Management for Nurses Core Competencies for
Quality Care by Finkleman 3rd edition, on Chapters 3,4,8,12,13,14
&20. Must use page number in reference.You are required to use 1
scholarly resource, in addition to your textbook the Scholarly resource
less than 5 years old.

Directions attached, need to use American Association of Colleges of
Nursing Web site for information about the nursing shortage.

My work offers: tuition reimbursement, Flexible scheduling for classes, 6
week orientation to help with retention, relocation assistance for
Director of nursing or Health Services Administrator positions. We offer
sign on bonuses for RN’s and LPN’s, Annual perfect attendance bonuses,
Free CEU’s on Learning management system, we also report CEU’s to state
board of nursing.

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