Instrumental Analysis Chemistry

Instrumental Analysis Chemistry

Electrochemistry Article:

  1. Describe the detection technique developed in this article. You need to be very specific about

the substrate preparation and the chemistry behind the technique (this may require you to look up

information in the supporting literature provided in the paper).

  1. What are the potential advantages of the technique presented in the papers in terms of trace

detection? When answering this question remember that you have two dimensions of data,

luminescence and voltage.

  1. In your opinion did the authors give the correct detection limit for their method? Back this

answer up with calculations.

  1. Figure 4a shows an increasing luminescence signal from 1 to 100 pico M of DNA. Does this

represent the useful dynamic range of the method? Explain your answer. Hint: Yes is not the

correct answer in my opinion.

  1. What are two easy things the authors could have done to lower the detection limits for their


  1. Does the technique as presented in this paper work on real world samples? Back this answer

up with facts given in the paper.

  1. How could the technique be improved to better work better with real world DNA samples?

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