“Identifying Misleading Information in an Argument” Please respond to the following:

PART 1 PLEASE RESPOND THE FOLLOWING QUESTION IN NO LESS THEB 275 WORDS (ORIGINAL WORK, NO PLAGIARISM, 1 REFERENCE)”Identifying Misleading Information in an Argument”  Please respond to the following:•Consider the following argument: There are many arguments for the elimination or modification of current U. S. drug laws, but one of the most persuasive involves what negative effects drug laws are having on society in comparison with the effects of the drugs themselves. In the past ten years, most forms of drug use have dropped significantly, especially among teens. Despite this, non-violent drug offenders accounted for 21.1 percent of the federal prison population. First time drug offenders serve, on average, a sentence three months longer than kidnappers, nine months longer than burglars, and thirty-three months longer than sex abusers. In 1992, the average cost of keeping an inmate in either state or federal prison was about $20,000 per prisoner per year. The United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world, with 455 prisoners per 100,000 population. It is maintaining these prisoners at great expense in an environment where they are unlikely to develop a socially constructive attitude. Perhaps it is time that we reconsider our attitudes toward those who choose to use drugs; failure to do so may cost society even more than it already has.◦Determine whether or not the argument uses any deceptive statistics. Give your opinion on whether or not the argument has persuaded you. Explain why or why not.◦Determine the primary ways in which statistics or authority are used in your current position in developing persuasive arguments, and provide examples of such use.PART 2 PLEASE COMMENT TO THIS DISCUSSION NO LESS THE 175 WORDS BASE ON 1 CREDIBLE RESORCE NOTE THIS DISCUSSION IS BASE ON PART 1 (PLEASE AGREE WITH ONE OF THE STATEMENT AND ADD ADDITIONAL INFO)I believe the information given from 1992 on the average cost of a prisoner is misleading. 1992 was a long time ago according to the federalregister.gov the average cost for 2013 was a little over $26,000. That is a substantial increase over the amount give of $20,000. I agree there should be a modification to the current drug laws. It is not financially responsible for the US to continually waste money on incarcerating people for using drugs. For those who are selling drugs or endangering others lives by operating a vehicle while under the influence or child neglect, there should be laws and stiffer penalties.Last year a bill was signed in Philadelphia that decriminalized the use of marijuana. If someone is caught with simple position they are issued a $25 ticket, if they are caught smoking it they are issued a $100 ticket. Since the law has went into affect Philly.com estimates that arrest have decreased by 88%. In the first sixty days the city saved $627,000 by not arresting these non violent offenders. It is estimated by the end of the year the city will save $3.75 million. This does not include the revenue from the tickets that are being handed out. This keeps people from having permanent records and in some cases saves their jobs. It also helps to have more police officers on the streets to help catch more violent criminals. In looking at this information it is easier to see the positive side of modifying current drug laws.http://www.philly.com/philly/columnists/philly420/Marijuana_arrests_plummet_in_Philly_after_decrim.htmlAPA FORMAT, ORIGINAL WORK, NO PLAGIARISM, 1 REFERENCE PARTS, PART 1 PLEASE RESPOND IN 275 WORDS, PART 2 COMMENT TO THIS DISCUSSION NO LESS THE 175 (PLEASE AGREE WITH ONE OF THE STATEMENTS AND FIND ADDITIONAL INFORMATION)


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