History of Chicago

1. Why was the city of Chicago founded? Please describe the difference between Neolithic society and Paleolithic society and then explain which type of society Chicago becomes and why. What major building project had to be commissioned in order for the city to live up to its potentiality? Describe the “battle” of the War of 1812 that took place in Chicago and what was the outcome? Why do so many people start immigrating to Chicago and what countries do they come from (in the 1800s)?

2. Upton Sinclair wrote the Jungle as a critique of Capitalism and a plea for Socialism. Please explain how this work is a critique of Capitalism and a plea for Socialism. In your essay you must bring in 4 specific examples/events from the book to enhance your argument along with a discussion of how the book ends. When discussing how the book ends make sure you mention what the remaining family members are up to at the end of the book and how Jurgis finally finds peace.

3. Write a paragraph on each discussing their significance to Chicago history. In your paragraph include 3 specific details about each topic.

a. The Chicago Fire b. Marshall Field c. Jean-Baptiste DuSable

4. Discuss the ongoing battle between Labor and Capitalism in Chicago’s late 19th century history. In your answer make sure that you address the following points: Why was there so much anger among workers? What was the influence of European ideas on the labor movements in Chicago? Describe the Industrial Revolution and how it fits into all of this? What was the big rally at the Haymarket in response to? What was the Haymarket bombing and what was the outcome of the bombing? (For the suspects and the Labor movement).

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