Field Experience Report/Reflection

Introduction: Provide an overall description of the school and classroom, be specific.  Describe the demographics of the class (numbers by race, gender, ESE, ESOL).

Planning and Preparation: How does the classroom teacher plan and prepare for instruction? For example, does he or she use district curriculum maps or other school wide requirements? Does the directing teacher design a daily/weekly plan of instruction?  Is the teacher required to submit the plans to administration?

Classroom Environment: How is the classroom organized?  How is the space used?  Is the classroom decorated? Describe the seating arrangement of the students (assigned? Desks in rows?) What rules and procedures have you observed? How are the students encouraged to communicate with the teacher? With each other?

Classroom Culture:  How does the teacher work with the students to create a classroom culture? Describe at least 3 activities that contribute to the culture.  

Diversity: Discuss the diversity of the class with the teacher. Do not just limit the discussion to race/gender (consider exceptionalities, socioeconomic, learning styles). Diversity spans much more, what strategies does the teacher use to reach his or her diverse populations.

Instruction: Observe at least one lesson taught by the teacher.  Describe the lesson including objectives.  How were the students assessed on what they learned?  What kind of discussion techniques did the teacher integrate? What kind of technology does your teacher use in the classroom to teach the students?

Professional Responsibilities: How does your teacher model professionalism (hint, look at your text)? How does the teacher record and track grades? How does your teacher communicate with parents? Does your teacher participate in professional development?

Philosophy of Teaching: What is your teacher’s personal philosophy of teaching? How does it compare to yours? (Hint use your text) Review the 4 philosophies of education in Chapter 5, which philosophy of education represent your teacher’s style (discuss this with the teacher).

Conclusion: What did you learn from the experience? Ask your teacher how students have changed over the years (hint, look at your text). Has the experience helped you determine if you’ll pursue teaching?  If so, what grade, level, subject?

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