female and male sexuality – Good Answers

female and male sexuality – Good Answers

Watch a feature-length movie of your choosing and analyze how the movie
portrays female and male sexuality. In order to do so, you must be able
to separate your perspective from the filmmaker’s perspective. Ask
yourself, which character or characters the filmmaker intends you to
sympathize with. That character’s perspective is your best suspicion to
the film/filmmaker’s perspective.

To receive an A, you will need to clearly state and logically argue a
thesis. The first paragraph of your paper should lay out your argument.
For example: “The film argues that males are driven by sexual needs
while females are driven by the need for love.” Or: “Although on the
surface the film shows women enjoying sexuality, at a deeper level it
stresses the risks of doing so.” The rest of your paper should largely
be devoted to providing evidence to back up your argument. How does the
filmmaker try to convince the audience of his/her message? Finally, you
must explain why this film’s message matters: what would be the
consequences if people accepted these messages? Do not devote more than a
paragraph to summarizing the film.

You MUST explicitly engage with and cite at least three assigned readings and/or videos from Module 5.

syllabus: Writing assignments must be a minimum of 3 full pages, written
in Times New Roman font, 12-inch font size, double spaced with 1-inch
margins. You must EXPLICITLY engage with and cite materials throughout
your posts and papers in order to earn full credit. So be sure to cite
the materials you use! Please note that this is an upper level college
course so in all writing assignments critical analysis should be at the
forefront. Centering personal experiences or anecdotes is not
appropriate. Be sure to edit thoroughly before you submit.

required video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0jQz6jqQS0

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The post female and male sexuality – Good Answers appeared first on Academic Essay Guru.



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