Eve and Sybill Discussion – Good Answers

Eve and Sybill Discussion – Good Answers

Chapter 5 introduces to one of the more dramatic and disabling
disorders, that has also become one of the more intriguing disorders
often becoming part of Hollywood blockbuster plot lines. The textbook
states that a person with dissociative identity disorder (DID; formerly
multiple personality disorder) develops two or more distinct
personalities—subpersonalities—each with a unique set of memories,
behaviors, thoughts, and emotions. The way in which the character with
DID is presented seems to sometimes meet this basic definition, yet the
misrepresentation of the disorder and bending of the research and
scientific understanding are apparent in a slew of these (i.e. Me,
Myself & Irene; Black Swan; Identity; and the more recent Split).

Several of you might have also seen two other Hollywood representations
that seemed to be more scientifically sound as part of the movie’s claim
was that it was the real life story of Eve or Sybil. Your textbook as
well elaborate on these two early, groundbreaking cases of Chris
Sizemore (Eve) and Shirley Mason (Sybil).

After reading the textbook section, read the following two articles about Eve and Sybil…

1. Chris Sizemore

2. Real ‘Sybil’ https://www.npr.org/2011/10/20/141514464/real-sybil-admits-multiple-personalities-were-fake


Compose a main post for the discussion in response to these questions…

1. In your opinion, what about DID is so intriguing that it often grabs the attention of movie makers and movie goers?

2. What about the science and research from your textbook on DID
surprised you most? Often, this is where students states “but in that
movie it wasn’t like that”, is this true for you as well?

3. Thinking about Eve and Sybil, what surprised you most about their life story?

4. Both Sybil and Eve had their life stories published (Eve being paid
$7000 for what the rights to her story, later resulting in a lawsuit –
interesting extra article about this IF you are curious Weigh in on how
you feel about this, should the ‘industry’ be making money of these
people’s stories? Link

5. What are the potential dangers, in your opinion, of including DID in a movie?

6. Can you argue any positives for telling the life stories of people,
real or imagined, who struggle with mental illness?

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