Ecology and Environmental Sustainability

Ecology and Environmental Sustainability

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Demographic and Environmental Timeline—United States of America

Stage Year Situation in the Country

Stage 1 1800 Major Historical Changes: The country is still considered a colonial settlement of England.

Changing Population Size: The population size is low.

Birth and Death Rates: The birth rates and death rates are high as women have many children and there is a high mortality rate.

Environmental Impact: Environmental impact remains low due to the small number of people.

Stage 2 1900 Major Historical Changes: There is increasing food availability through agricultural expansion, which eliminates starvation and also causes the death rate to decrease.

Changing Population Size: The population size is increasing. Women are still having many children.

Birth and Death Rates: There are high birth rates but decreasing death rates.

Environmental Impact: Environmental impact is increasing as frontier land begins to be developed. Urbanization is increasing and people are beginning to move to cities.

Stage 3 1960 Changing Population Size: The population size is increasing—also known as the baby boom.

Birth and Death Rates: There are lower birth rates and lower death rates.

Environmental Impact: There is increasing urbanization and industrialization. Pollution and toxic chemicals cause problems with the increasing industrialization and burning of fossil fuels.

Stage 4 1990 Changing Population Size: The size of population stabilizes.

Birth and Death Rates: There are low birth rates and low death rates.

Environmental Impact: The high standard of living causes a large carbon footprint and high levels of pollution. Environmental awareness begins, but much more needs to be done.

Stage 5 – The US has not reached this stage as yet.

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