Can You Review And Edit My paper In 4 Hours ?

Can You Review And Edit My paper In 4 Hours ?

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Badawi 4

Mohammed Badawi

AFRS 100-6

Professor Turner

6 March, 2019

The issue of racism has significantly affected people’s relationship in America. It is just recently that the world is taking action to stop it. Some people think that racism ended the moment we abolished slavery, which is not true. If you ask a black person about the challenges and disparities they are going through and compare it to their white counterparts; the list is very long. Most African American will confirm that despite being in a white-dominated community or other people of color, they are still discriminated and they do not enjoy any privilege. In this paper, I will present an analysis of two authors who have presented their views on African American challenges.

The first article is written by Jon Schwarz titled “Colin Kaepernick Is Righter than You Know: The National Anthem Is a Celebration of Slavery.” The author presented information about 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick who declined to honor the American national anthem. When he was asked about his action, he stated that there was a need for him to honor or to be proud of the nation that oppresses black people (Schwarz). Their people of color’s bodies across the street and the perpetrators are not brought to book.

49ers actions were not taken lightly; the social media was on fire; most people supported his action indicating that it is essential that the nation treat each other with dignity. Some people believe that the US is one of the perfect nations in the world; it is bizarre to see a superstar rejecting to stand up for “The Star-Spangled Banner.”

According to the author, this celebration was like celebrating black murder. 49ers stated that most people are not aware of the national values derived “The Star-Spangled Banner” since they only read the first verse, the rest of the lines are about the intellectual and moral values. From the verses, there is no refuge that could have protected the slave or hireling from different terror.

The author’s information aims at showing how black lives are violated; he targets all citizens. There was no need to be happy with the situation while our brothers are discriminated and their fundamental rights are violated. I like the way this author has presented his views on black stereotypes, and the nation perceives it. The authors seem emotional about issues affecting society. There is a stereotype that black people are not righteous and this might have contributed to what is going on in the nation. People grow up, and the generation keeps on changing, it is essential to teach the new generation how to relate with others to avoid any form of discrimination.

The author has indicated that no person fights for blacks lives. No one is fighting for freedom; this is against national pledges. In 1812 the nation fought for its freedom and won, in this era, people were united with the goal of taking over the nation. This eventually changed after independence; we started fighting each other based on color. The police officers who kill African Americas are punished, and they are praised for their actions.

In this article, the author presented comprehensive information about American history and how this has changed in the past few decades. According to the author, the British signed the treaty to end the atrocities whereby the government demanded the return of property and slaves. In order for us to know issues affecting us now, it is essential to understand where we come from and what has changed along the way. Jon Schwarz used this strategy to make sure; information reaches the intended audience.

The second article is written by Christine Hauser entitled “How Professionals of Color Say They Counter Bias at Work” published in December 2018. The author’s primary argument is based on black discrimination and ways of countering them. From the article, I noted that a Backman was handed over the car keys by parking attendants. Because of stereotype, blacks are checked to ensure they do not have anything dangerous; this not the case to their white counterpart (Hauser).

This experience is the plight of most back people; for instance, there is a case where the flight attendant questioned the African America doctor credentials when he was trying to treat him. This is a sign that people still do not believe that blacks are still discriminated in the society. The author targets all types of readers; he aims to expose is issues affecting black and ways of managing the situation. This is the reason as Fatima Cody Stanford stated that she carried the medical license to show the doubters that she is qualified. This one of the most effective strategy to combat stereotypes.

The author explains logically how society is rotten as the reason as for why police officers kill black people, and no action is taken against them. From the article, it is evident that black people are shot annually as compared to other race. One of the highlighted fact about African American discrimination, the author, noted that the racist always makes a presumption about black men stating that they are frightening. This is the reason why some people modify their characters such as keeping a distance from white female strangers, particularly in parking lots.

These two articles have presented comprehensive information about black stereotypes and ways of combating it. However, the most useful article is by Jon Schwarz titled “Colin Kaepernick Is Righter than You Know: The National Anthem Is a Celebration of Slavery.” I prefer this article to the other one because it shows the history or the background of black suffering and discrimination. I am delighted with the article information, and I believe it will change people’s perception. It does not make any sense for us to celebrate when police officers kill our brothers for noting. The unarmed youths are not shot once but multiple time. Our police officers are trained to shoot, and it does not make sense for them to shoot to kill when that is the last option.

Works Cited Hauser, Christine. “How Professionals of Color Say They Counter Bias at Work.” 12 December 2018. nytimes. Schwarz, Jon. “COLIN KAEPERNICK IS RIGHTER THAN YOU KNOW: THE NATIONAL ANTHEM IS A CELEBRATION OF SLAVERY.” 28 August 2016. theintercept.

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