Biology homework task -Response 4

Biology homework task -Response 4

Read & Reply to the three discussion post below find a source that relates to each post.

  1. Currency: The web page article was created in 2017 and the information has not been updated or revised since published. My research topic doesn’t require current information, but it wouldn’t hurt to have updated relevant information. The link used is a functional link.

Relevance: The information on the web page article relates to my research question, by talking about merit pay an also by talking about variable pay based on performance. The intended audience is for the general public, looking for information on merit pay or salary increase with variable pay. Finding a web page article on my research question was more difficult than I had anticipated, and I only came across very few before deciding on this web page. I would you this web page article as a reference on my paper, but the information would be limited and not directly to me research with elementary school teacher merit pay.

Authority: The publisher of the article is Stephen Miller. His organizational affiliate is with a newsletter. I feel that the author is qualified to write on the topic of merit pay. He has worked for many other newsletter companies serving as a editor and he has a masters degree in journalism and mass communication. There is an email for the author of the newsletter. The URL on the web page article revels

Accuracy: The information from the article comes from Society For Human Resource Management. The article has different links you can click on to look deeper into other information on salary increase and variable pay. I can’t tell from the article if it has been reviewed or referred. From personal knowledge, the source. The article seems to be an unbiased and free of emotion. Looking over the article, I found no errors of any kind.

Purpose:The purpose of the information on the article, is to inform the general public. The author seems to make the article clear to understand. The article, in my opinion, has facts on merit pay and had legit numbers on salary percentages. The point of view of the article is objective and has no impartial opinions and the article doesn’t seem to have any bias opinions.

Miller, S. (2017). 3% Salary Increase Put Greater Focus on Variable Pay. Retrieved from https://www.shr (Links to an external site.)Links to an external

2.Currency: The article was published on March 5th 2018, and it has not been updated since. My topic does require current sources, but, sources from within the digital age will work for me. My revised question is “How is the role of human resources changing in the digital age” so while I will need resent sources anything from within that period will work. All of the links are functional on the page. Relevance: The information does relate to my research question. describes it’s intended audience as being owners and managers of growing private companies. ( (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.) The information is of an appropriate level. I did look at other sources before deciding on this one, but, this article’s title kept jumping out at me. I would be comfortable citing this as a part of my research paper. Authority: The author of the piece is Rebecca Baldridge who is a contributing editor to the website. Her Bio describes her as “an investment professional with expertise in communications and marketing, particularly equity research and financial writing. Other specialities include equity analysis and valuation, research management, equity sales, and investor relations.”( (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.). She does appear to be qualified to write on the topic, and a link to her twitter is included. Accuracy: The information is a summary of a report from a firm called Deloitte, with three points that pertain to human resources. There is a link to a study which is supported and cited by evidence. The article itself does not indicate if it’s been reviewed, but the author is herself a contributing editor. The link to the original study she is summarising is present, so I would be able to verify the information from there. The language does appear to be a summary and not an opinion. It’s well written and doesn’t look to have any errors in grammar or spelling. Purpose: The purpose of the article is to inform and teach the target audience of the website. The author, the website, and it’s sponsors make clear the writers are not encouraged to sell specific services or to include any particular information and that any sales links are added by the website and not the author. The report is a presentation of facts from the study with some opinion of the author written into the sections. The point of view does appear impartial and free of any bias. While I would not make this a primary source for a research paper, I would be comfortable using it as a source for the paper. The author is credible and qualified, and it cites its sources. It’s more of a popular source, but, is also a website geared to a business audience. This is the second course where the CRAAP test has been employed and was used in the last course I took. Having used it that recently I can’t say I learned anything new here, but, this was a good reinforcement of the test. Baldridge, Rebecca “3 Ways the Digital Revolution Is Impacting Human Resources” March 2018. Retrieved from

  1. Currency: My topic requires current and past information. The article I am using today was published in 2016 and hasn’t been revised., however this particular article shows me different types of cases that have happened in the past. I checked the links for the different cases and they are functional as well.

Relevance: The information in this article is very relevant to my topic. The author writes about specific types of case that I can plug in when I create my final. These cases can be used to answer or show the different types of white-collar crimes and how they effected the economy. I would be very comfortable citing this sourceon my research paper.

Authority: I found this information on the FindLaw website. This website comes from a newspaper and the author is Christopher Coble. I can’t find much information about him but he is a journalist. The URL end with .com so it can be any webpage. As a contact information the author has his LinkedIn profile in. It doesn’t show if he is qualified to write on the topic, however the information he is using came from reliable resources.

Accuracy: The information used in this article is taken from other resources such as newspapers, government files and layer blogs talking about specific white-collar crime. I don’t sense any emotion and it doesn’t have any errors in the writing. One particular white-collar crime he talks I am very familiar with. The information is supported and referred and he also uses evidence to support it.

Purpose: The purpose of this article is to show different types of real-life white-collar crimes that have happen in the past and how were they handled. The author explains very clear what are each of the, and shows what exactly happened. However, I am not clear if the author is being bias or not, or leaving stuff out to persuade more readers. I will use just a few examples on this article from the links provided. I won’t use his point of you or his personal writing, just the cases provided and I will make my own pint of view in my research paper. There is a few cases taken from government websites and I believe those ones will be good examples of white-collar crimes.

Christopher, C (March 2016). Top 7 Legal Issues in White-Collar Crime Today. FindLaw. Retrieved from:

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