Bad News Messages

Using the AIM process, write a bad news message for each of the three scenarios below. Use the basic concepts and make up the details needed.1. Notify someone they are not accepted into your sorority, fraternity, club, team, etc. Use a realistic situation to explain why this person is not accepted. (although you may send this in text, assume you are using email for this exercise)2. Pretend a group member in one of your classes has not been participating and you have decided to take action with the instructor to get the person removed from your group. Write an email to the group member explaining.3. Tell a classmate that you have decided not to invest in his/her start-up idea.Guidelines: Please review the situation carefully, taking into consideration the audience who is receiving the email. Remember this is in writing and can be forwarded, copied, and printed. Use this checklist before submitting your assignment. Be sure you have completed each item on the checklist. Mark each item as you complete it, then submit the completed copy with your email. Marking each item means you have completed it. This checklist is also the rubric and will be used to grade your assignment. To submit the checklist, you may submit 2 separate files or you may copy and paste the checklist into the document with the messages. Failure to submit the checklist will result in a 0 for this assignment.


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