Art Discussion

1. Marcel Duchamp liked to challenge people’s traditional standards of beauty and values, for example his piece “L.H.O.O.Q”, where he drew a mustache on a postcard version of Mona Lisa. Give a modern example of an artist challenging the world’s traditional standards and values, and a brief explanation as to what it is challenging.2. Discuss the cult status that the artist Frida Kahlo occupies in our time.3. Minimalists refer to the artists that refer to nothing outside of the art, and they express nothing but shapes and color in the art. The art form used the minimal technique and was popular in the 1960s. What do you think are the main ideas that minimalists mostly put in their art? Describe in detail using the example from the book by Donald Judd.4. Discuss the reasons why Abstract Expressionist painters moved away from the dominant realistic styles of the time. How did their art liberate painting (e.g. easel painting, materials, technique, attitude)?


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